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B&M Boston &Maine Northern New England Travel Guide, September 27, 1953.
Extensive system timetable, centerfold system map, train consists, Pullman fares, 48 pp., 8" by 9", excellent. $10

CB&Q Time Schedules of Principal Trains, November 1960.
9" by 24" fold-out, Service to Calif., the Northwest and Texas, small map. excellent. $4

CB&Q Burlington Route timetable October 27, 1968.
9" by 24" foldout, service between Chicago and Billings and through trains. near mint. $4

CB&Q Burlington Route timetable January 18, 1970.
9" by 24" foldout, service between Chicago and Billings and through trains. near mint. $4

CP Canadian Pacific Annotated Timetables, Eastbound Edition, June 7, 1903.
Extensive detailed route guide/timetable: 2,906 miles Vancouver to Montreal, several maps, list of CP hotels, Upper Lakes, Atlantic, and Trans Pacific steamship sailings, 97 pp., very good. $55

CP Canadian Pacific Eastern Lines timetable, Folder B, November 1, 1926.
Extensive service to Maritime provinces, Eastern system map(Minnesota to Halifax), 16 pages, 9" by 16 " foldout, steamship schedules, excellent. $18

CSX System Map November, 1981.
33" by 24.5" foldout, Includes Family Lines and Chessie System, 3-color printing. near mint. $10

Chicago & Western Indiana Railroad Co. ETT No. 16, Oct. 27, 1963.
32 pp. 4.5" by 8", signal diagrams, excellent. $9

D&RG Denver & Rio Grande timetables April 24,1955.
Service to Denver, Ogden and Salt Lake and Craig, schedules for Durango & Silverton, consist for Royal Gorge, Colorado Eagle, Cal. Zephyr, Mountaineer and Silverton, folds out to 9" by 12", very good (slight browning) $4

D&RGW Denver & Rio Grande Western timetables December 1928.
28 pp. Full page ads, special tourist fares, equipment lists, through train timetables, full page photos, DRG/WP combined system map. Info on Western Slope Motorway. excellent. $20

DL&W Lackawanna Railroad Time Tables, Route of the Phoebe Snow, June 1,1953.
16 pp. New York, Scranton, Binghamton, Syracuse, Elmira and Buffalo, railroad, sleeping and parlor car fares, centerfold system map with Lackawanna box logo. good(some water staining). $6

ERIE Suburban timetable, November 1937.
Northern R.R. and Piermont Branch, service to Nyack via Pallisades Park and Closter, folds out to 7" by 15.5", very good. $8

ERIE Mainline suburban timetable, November 21, 1938.
Newark Branch, Bergen County R.R. service to Suffern, Radburn, Waldwick via Newark Branch, folds out to 7" by 23", excellent. $8

EL Erie Lackawanna Employee timetable, No. 7., October 29, 1967.
Susquehanna, Buffalo, Mahoning and Marion Divisions, passenger and freight schedules, 114 pp., 4.75" by 9.25", excellent. $8

GN Great Northern Railway passenger train schedules, Sept 16,1956.
36 pp. System timetable covers connecting bus, rail and steamship lines, Minnesota, North and South Dakota branch lines, name train equipment, Pullman fares, freight schedules, system map. near mint. $10

IC Illinois Central 100th Anniversary Timetables, December 14,1950.
36 pp. 100th anniversary system timetable, train equipment, Pullman fares, centerfold system map, dispatch freight schedules. excellent. $12

ICG Illinois Central Gulf Railroad, Missouri Division, Feb.14,1974.
24 pp., 8.75" by 9.75", ETT No. 1, excellent. $8

LV Lehigh Valley Railroad system timetable, April 28, 1935.
20 pp., 4" by 8.5", system map, excellent. $16

LV Lehigh Valley Railroad system timetable, September 24, 1950.
10 pp., 4" by 8.5", system map, excellent. $8

LV Lehigh Valley Railroad system timetable, September 26, 1954.
12 pp., 4" by 8.5", system map, ad for roomettes, excellent. $8

LV Lehigh Valley Railroad system timetable, January 19, 1958.
10 pp., system map, old Penn Station NYC interior photo, good. $8

LIRR Long Island Railroad system timetable, May 8, 1955.
60 pp., system TT, system map, excellent, $10

Mexican Central Railway timetable, January 1, 1898.
Service between El Paso to the City of Mexico, San Luis Division and Guanajuato Branch, Guadalajara Division and Pachuca Branch, 21" by 15" system map(copyright 1892 by Poole Bros.), stage connections, very good, $55

MP Missouri Pacific Lines timetable, issued June 17, 1934.
28 pp. system timetable with map, through trains and branch lines. near mint. $18

NP Northern Pacific North Coast Limited System timetable, Oct. 4, 1959.
34 pp., 8" by 9", system map, excellent. $10

NAL National Airline of the Stars System Timetable October 30,1960.
20 pp., map, equipment (DC8B DC7B, Electra Prop Jet), 4" by 9", excellent. $8

National Railways of Mexico Summer 1963
22 pp., system timetable, system map, English version, excellent. $7

National Railways of Mexico Summer/Fall 1967
24 pp., system timetable, system map, English version, excellent. $7

RI Rock Island Timetables, Spring - Summer 1962.
20 pp. system timetable, Rocky Mountain Rocket (to Colorado), Twin Star Rocket (to Houston), Golden State Route (to Arizona, Calif.), fares, centerfold system map. excellent. $8

St. L-S.F. St. Louis-San Francisco ETT No. 43B 10/28/62.
12 pp., 4.5" by 10.5", equipment roster, mint. $8

Southern New York Railway Timetable April 29,1928.
The Leatherstocking Route (Oneonta, Copperstown, Richfield Spa, Mohawk) interurban time table, connections via New York State Railways, Damp;H, U&D, and D.L.&W. 3.75" by 9", single fold. very good(minor tearing). $30

SP Southern Pacific Lines Sunset Route Timetables, Oct. 1906.
32 pp., Louisiana, Texas, Old & New Mexico, Arizona, California, system map(includes U.P., Oregon Short Line, Oregon R.R.&Nav. Co.), map of Sunset Route Tourist Car Lines, Steamship Lines and connections, excellent(rusty staples do not detract), contact Meg for more information.

SP Southern Pacific Lines Shasta Route Timetable, Form 5, June 15, 1930.
12 pp., map., very good(missing staples), 4" by 9" $10

SP Southern Pacific Lines Time Tables, 4 Great Routes April 24,1933.
16 pp. System timetables for long distance trains, steamship ads, system map. near mint. $10

UP Union Pacific system timetable, January 25, 1942.
War era system tt, list of military bases/camps served by the UP, 60 pp., system map, ad for The Pony Express, interior of obs car, excellent. $8

UP Union Pacific, Denver & Gulf Ry and Denver, Leadville & Gunnison Ry, Aug. 1897.
30 pp., system map, 1969 reprint, excellent. $4

WP Western Pacific System timetable, March 20, 1949.
8 pp., 4" by 9", attractive cover with WP Feather River Route box logo, centerfold tri-color system map with WP box logo, mint. $14

WP Western Pacific California Zephyr timetable, October 29, 1967.
12 pp., famous name train, system map, 6 color car interior photos, excellent. $10

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