Inside the Imperial Sands

Imperial Sands is a full sleeping car outfitted with four bedrooms, four compartments and two drawing rooms. The bedrooms each sleep two passengers and a folding wall between each pair allows them to be opened into larger day rooms. The compartments are slightly larger than the bedrooms and have a top berth that is lengthwise in the car with small windows which allow viewing without getting out of bed. Each compartment has a door leading to either another compartment or to a drawing room, forming a suite. The drawing rooms also feature separate, enclosed bathrooms and there are 110V electrical outlets in each room.

In addition to the sink and toilet located in each room, there is a general toilet, a sink and a shower at one end of the car. Imperial Sands is equipped with an ice box, a porter's seat, call buttons in every room and carries 200 gallons of water for drinking, washing, etc. Imperial Sands is the only 4-4-2 still operating in mainline service.


Present Location -- Morristown, NJ.


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