Inside the Blue Ridge

The Blue Ridge, is a classic, open-platform business car with extra large windows in the observation lounge and dining room, offering an incomparable view from both the interior and the platform. It is typical of those used by railroad executives, and for "whistle-stop" campaigns during election time. The lounge comfortably seats eight or more on a sofa and swivel-rocker chairs. There are two staterooms, one with a shower. The dining room seats ten at the table, and there is additional seating in the parlor which featues oak wainscoting.
The large, fully stainless steel kitchen is a railroad chef's delight and has freezers, ample refrigeration space and electric Vulcan stove. When not on head-end-power, the Blue Ridge can run for a week on the 250 gallons of diesel fuel that it carries. In addition, the tanks below the car carry 500 gallons of water for drinking, cooking, etc. The car is often used on weekend trips in daytime service and comfortably accomodates 18-20 people.


Pressent location -- New Freedom, PA.

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