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Books about the American West:

1."The American West: the Pictorial Epic of a Continent", by Lucius Beebe and Charles Clegg, publ. by E. P. Dutton & Co., 1955, first edition, 511 pages. Over 1,000 rare illustrations provide a "skillful blending of pictures and the printed word" to create a "veritable treasury of western life and history". An entertaining and informative work. Hardcover without dust jacket, mint. $22

2."Tragic Train: The City of San Francisco: the Development and Historic Wreck of a Streamliner", by Don De Nevi, publ. by Superior Publishing Company, 1977, first edition, 188 pages. Story of the construction, 1939 derailment and the subsequent manhunt and investigation of famous streamliner-era train. Author reviewed the Southern Pacifics entire collection of historical evidence and records concerning this unsolved calamity. Numerous b/w wreck photos and also interior/exterior publicity shots of trains early days. Hardcover with mylar-covered dust jacket, excellent. $45

3."Rails West", by George B. Abdill, publ. by Bonanza Books, 1960, 192 pages, Illustrated with vintage b/w photographs. A pictorial trip over the railroads that expanded from the Mississippi to the West Coast during the time of expansion with brief histories of some roads. Third in the Old Railroad series by this locomotive engineer author. Hardcover, with mylar covered dust jacket, excellent. $14

4."Lines West: a Pictorial History of the Great Northern Railway Operations and Motive Power from 1887 to 1967", by Charles R. Wood, publ. by Bonanza Books, 1967, 192 pp. Dozens of photos of motive power along the East-West mainline of the Great Northern from all eras tell the story of it's building. Over 250 b/w photographs. Hard cover, with dust jacket, excellent, $18

5."Rails Across the Ranchos", by Loren Nicholson, publ. California Heritage Publishing Associates, 1993, Centennial edition, 198 pp. Story of the building of the Southern Pacific Railroad Coastal Line. Profusely illustrated with photographs and vintage postcards of important structures and places along the line. Includes some maps. Softcover, excellent, $12

6."The Big Four: The Story of Huntington, Stanford, Hopkins and Crocker, and of the Building of the Central Pacific", by Oscar Lewis, Publ. by Alfred A. Knopf, 1938, fourth printing, 418 pp. Biography of Collis P. Huntington, Leland Stanford, Mark Hopkins and Charles Crocker. Exciting recount of the building of the Central Pacific Railroad. Hard cover, with mylar covered dust jacket, excellent, $18

7."Zephyr: Tracking a Dream Across America", by Henry Kisor, publ. by Times Books/Random House, 1994, 338 pp. Story of the California Zephyr as told through the eyes of a traveler. Hard cover, with dust jacket, excellent, $12

8."The Overland Limited", by Lucius Beebe, Howell-North 1963, fifth printing 1982, 157 pages. Illustrated with photographs, facsimiles, color paintings. Illustrated by Howard Fogg, Stan Repp. A thoroughly documented history of the famous passenger train operated by the Union Pacific, Southern Pacific, and Chicago & Northwestern. Hardcover, with mylar covered dust jacket, excellent. $22

9."Out West on the Overland Train", by Richard Reinhardt, publ. American West Publishing, 1967, first edition, 206 pp. Story of a five month luxury train tour of the American West taken in 1877 by magazine publisher Frank Leslie and his entourage. Edited from original magazine articles written at the time and illustrated with nearly 200 original drawings from "Leslie's Weekly". A glimpse at a vanishing era in American history. Hardcover with somewhat tattered mylar covered dust jacket,, very good, $22

10."The Crookedest Railroad in the World: a History of the Mt.Tamalpais and Muir Woods Railroad of Calif.", Theodore G. Wurm and Alvin C. Graves, Howell-North, 1960 second edition, 123 pp. Hardcover, dust jacket, excellent. $16.

11."John L. Stoddard's Lectures, Vol. 10: Southern California, Grand Canon of the Colorado River, Yellowstone National Park", by John L. Stoddard, publ. by Balch Bros., 1898, 304 pages. Trip report-like book profuse with turn-of-the-Century b/w photography of people and places. Hardcover, good(some chipping on corners and spine) inside excellent, $10

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Books about New England:

12."The Dummy: a Story of the Pine Tree States's Seaside Railroad", by Elaine M. Peverly and William H. McLin, publ. by authors, printed by Wilson's Printers, 1973, signed by Elaine Peverly, 48 pages. History of the Boston & Maine's Orchard Beach Branch. Dozens of b/w photos and early-century postcards from private collections of depots, rolling stock (in use with passengers), and resort hotels. Crew photos in front of steam engines 602, 620, 164 and 127. Softcover, tipped-in reproduction of B. & M. Orchard Beach Branch timetable June 20, 1910, map, excellent. $12

13."36 Miles of Trouble: the Story of the West River R.R." by Victor Morse, publ. by The Book Cellar, 1959, 1st edition. 40 pp. Vermont's West River Railroad's fifty-six year history. Many b/w photos of locomotives and depots. Softcover, excellent, $8

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Books about the Mid-Atlantic States:

14."The Story of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad 1827 -1927", by Edward Hungerford, publ. by G.P. Putnams Sons, 1928, volume 2, covers Civil War through 1927. History of railroad by famous railroad author profusely illustrated with maps, prints and photographs. Includes appendix on 1927 centennial Fair of the Iron Horse. very good. $28

15."The Old Bay Line", by Alexander Crosby Brown, publ. by Bonanza Books, 1965, 176 pages. History of the The Baltimore Steam Packet Company. Hardcover with mylar covered dust jacker, mint. $18

16."New York Central", by Aaron E.Klein, publ. by Smithmark, 1994, 128 pp. The Story of the New York Central Railroad. Profusely illustrated with rare and colorful photographs. Hard cover, with mylar covered dust jacket, excellent, $12

17."The Final Years: New York Ontario & Western Ry.", by John Crause and Ed Crist, published by Carstens Publications, Inc., 1977, first edition. 98 pp. Concise history of the O&W. Includes dozens of rolling stock photographs from famous collections (including the DeForest Diver collection housed at Cornell University). Front cover features illustration of Manville B. Wakefield painting of O&W engine 302 class W 2-8-0 on the Little Beaver Kill bridge. Softcover, and maps, excellent. $18

18."O.&W.: The Long Life and Slow Death of the New York Ontario & Western Ry.", by William Helmer, published by Howell-North Books, 1959, first edition. 211 pp. History of the O&W, which ran primarily in New York State, but also in parts of New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Includes map and profile of line in rear pocket. Inside backcover is cutaway view of O&W passenger car. Front cover dust jacket features Otto Kuhler painting of O&W engine at Middletown, NY depot. Hardcover with dust jacket, and maps, excellent. $32

19."The Tuckerton Railroad: a Chronicle of Transport to the New Jersey Seashore", by John Brinckmann, privately published, 1973, first edition. 210 pp. History of the railroad. Numerous b/w photos of rolling stock, depots and employees. Hardcover, no dust jacket, fold-out 1913 timetable, 1873 timetable reprint, map, signed by author, excellent. $42

20."Ghost Lumber Towns of Central Pennsylvania: Laquin, Masten, Ricketts, and Grays Run", by Thomas T. Tabor, III, publ. by author, 1970, book No. 3 in the series Logging Railroad Era of Lumbering in Pennsylvania, 75 pp. Each book represents more than a decade of research and is written by one of three lumber railroad historians: Walter C. Casler, Benjamin F.G. Kline, Jr. or Thomas T. Tabor, III. This book records the railroad lumbering era in Northeastern Pa. It is a story of the the towns, the lumber mills and the logging railroads. Much of the material came from interviews with more than 100 individuals involved with the logging railroads. The log railroad supplied the wood ingredients for more than 600 saw mills, tanneries, wood chemical companies, and stave mills beginning with the first known railroad operation in 1864 in Jefferson County and ending in 1948 in Elk County. The variety and size of these railroads was extensive; no other state ever approached the diversity of Pennsylvania. Soft cover, excellent, $22

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Books on the Southeast:

21."Working for the Chessie System: Olde King Coals Prime Carrier", by Fred Rees Toothman, publ. by Vadalia Book Company, 1993, first edition, 280 pages. Unofficial history of the road by a former company officer. Many b/w photographs of former officers, some motive power and offices. Hardcover with dust jacket, mint. $28

22."Tweetsie: the Blue Ridge Stemwinder", by Julian Scheer and Elizabeth McD. Black, publ. by Heritage House, 1958, 3rd printing, 51 pp. History of the East Tennessee and Western North Carolina Railroad, otherwise know as the famous narrow gauge Tweetsie. Illustrated b/w drawings by Lee Kolbe, numerous photographs of locomotive power. Hardcover with dust jacket, excellent, $15

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Books on the Midwest:

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General Interest Books:

23."The Elements of Railroad Engineering", by William G. Raymond, publ. by John Wiley & Sons, 1908, first edition, first thousand, 406 pages. Technical text covering all aspects of building a railroad. Includes alignment, rails, rail fastenings, cross-ties, ballast and road-bed, culverts, bridges, turnouts, side tracks and yards, elevations, signaling, workings of the steam locomotive (75 pages), railroad expeditures, railroad location, construction and betterment surveys. 60 page appendix on the location of the Knoxville, La Follette and Jellico Railroad of the L & N system include elevation map and several construction photos. Full-page illustrations and specifications for major steam locomotives. Included are Baldwin American (B & M 785 pictured), Baldwin Ten-wheel (Rock Island 1554), American Locomotive Works Consolidation (D. & H. 262), Baldwin Twelve-wheel (Norfold & Western 490), American Locomotive Works Atlantic (C. & N.W. 113), Baldwin Prairie (C. B. & Q. 2050), American Locomotive Works Pacific (B & O 2100), Baldwin Mikado (Deepwater), Baldwin Tandem Compound Santa Fe (A.T. & S.F. 1654), American Locomotive Company Mallet Articulated (B & O 2400), and Baldwin Mallet Articulated. Tipped in 9 inch by 50 inch foldout map of proposed lines from Barnett to Witt and Barnett to Butler for Chicago and Alton Ry., map of Missouri Pacific Yard at Dupo, Illinois. Hardcover, good. $45

24."Trains of Today and Tomorrow", by J.R. Hildebrand, published by The National Geographic Magazine, 1936, special reprint, 56 pp. Numerous b/w photographs of comtemporary (1936) name trains, car interiors, depots, yards, and other promotional photos. Name trains include Milwaukee Road Hiawatha, UP City of Los Angeles, UP City of Denver, and NYC Mercury. China collectors may find the photo of the B&O Royal Blue lunchcounter car with Capitol Dome china shown in use interesting. Softcover, excellent. $8

25."Men and Volts: The Story of General Electric", by John Winthrop Hammond, published by J.B. Lippincott Company, 1941, first edition, 424 pp. Story of the origin and first thiry years of GE. Jacket illustrated with Rockwell Kent mural painted for 1939 New York World's Fair General Electric exhibit. Hardcover, with dust jacket, excellent. $18

26."On Time: The History of Electro-Motive Division of General Motors Corporation", by Franklin M. Reck, published by Electro-Motive Division of General Motors Corporation, 1948, first edition, 184 pp. Illustrated by Rainey Bennett. Hardcover, mylar-covered dust jacket, excellent. $22

27."Railroading the Modern Way", By S. Kip Farrington, Jr., Published by Coward-McCann, Inc. 1951, 395 pages, numerous photographs including car interiors and exteriors of many name trains on many roads, hardcover, with mylar covered dust jacket, excellent. $20

28."Railroading from the Head End", By S. Kip Farrington, Jr., Published by Doubleday, Doran & Co. Inc., 1943, 296 pages, numerous photographs including motive power of many name trains on many roads, hardcover, with mylar covered dust jacket, excellent. $22

29."Railroads at War", By S. Kip Farrington, Jr., published by Samuel Curl, Inc. 1944, 320 pages, emphasis on the U.S. train system during WWII, numerous photographs, hardcover, no dust jacket, excellent. $20

30."Railroads of the Hour", By S. Kip Farrington, Jr. with an introduction by Richard M. Nixon, Published by Coward-McCann, Inc. 1958, 320 pages, emphasis on mid-fifties streamliners, 161 photographs including motive power, car interiors and exteriors of many name trains on many roads including Bangor & Aroostook, D.L.& W., Lehigh & Hudson, Cotton Belt, Chicago Great Western, Northern Pacific, C& O., Santa Fe, Southern, Southern Pacific and Union Pacific, hardcover, with mylar covered dust jacket, excellent. $24

31."Railroads of Today", By S. Kip Farrington, Jr., published by Coward-McCann, Inc. 1949, 300 pages, emphasis on specific modern post-war trains, 72 photographs including motive power, car interiors and exteriors of many name trains on many roads including New York Central, Santa Fe, Norfolk & Western, Union Pacific, Western Maryland, Great Northern, Rock Island, B.& O., C.& O., MOPAC, T.& P., Nickel Plate, Dixie Line, S.P., and ACL, hardcover, with mylar covered dust jacket, excellent, signed by auther. $32

32."Hear the Train Blow", by Lucius Beebe and Charles Clegg, Grosset & Dunlap 1952, 415 pages. 860 illustrations. Ten original drawings by E.S. Hammack. A pictorial epic of America in the railroad age. Hardcover, no dust jacket, excellent. $16

33."The Queens of British Columbia: a Detailed Account of the Ships in the B.C. Ferry Fleet", By Peter Favelle, Published By Discovery Magazine Ltd. 1974, 102 pages, specifications for ships contemporary to the early 1970s, numerous b/w photographs including ship interiors and exteriors, softcover, excellent. $8

34."The Modern Locomotive Handbook: a Textbook on the Operation of Today's Locomotives", published by The Railway Fuel and Operating Officers Association, 1972, 188 pp., Basic operator's instruction manual. Covers location and operation of cab controls and air brake. Explains devices and systems operating personnel need to know. Covers ALCOs, EMDs and U-boats, illustrations. Softcover, excellent. $12

35."Railroads: The Great American Adventure", by Charlton Ogburn, publ. by National Geographic Society, 1977, 204 pages, Illustrated with vintage b/w photographs, modern color photos and facsimiles. Modern photography by James A. Sugar. Covers the history of railroads in the U.S. from the earliest to diesel-electrics. Hardcover, dust jacket with small tear, excellent. $5

36."Trolley Car Treasury", by Frank Rowsome, Jr., published by Bonanza Books, 1956, 200 pp. Illustrated, over 300 b/w photographs. Rowsome tells the complete story of the American streetcar's century, from its quaint horsecar beginnings before the Civil War to its sad disappearance. Hardcover, no dust jacket, excellent. $15

37."Jane's World Railways, 1967", Edited by Henry Sampson, 479 pp. Illustrated with photographs, drawings, diagrams, and maps. Hardcover with gold lettering on cover and spine, World-wide review of railway operation and equipment. Includes directories of manufacturers and railway companies, ex-library copy. $18

38.Hale & Kilburn Company "Seats and Chairs", Catalog of seating for trolley, interurbans, suburbans, and buses. Includes 26 styles of reversing seats, 37 styles of non-reversing seats including parlor, reclining chairs, and motorman's seats. View of BMT subway interior, 8 views of car interiors showing seating configurations, circa 1920s. 80 pp. 6" by 9", cover good (some damage), inside excellent, $38

39."Instruction Pamphlet #5032; No. 6 ET Locomotive Brake Equipment" published by Westinghouse Air Brake 1911 83 pages 4.75" by 7" pressboard cover. discussion of installation, maintenance and operation of WABCO equipment. $12

40."The Texas and Pacific Railway Company; agreement with the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers effective June 1, 1926, 70 pages 3.75 by 5.25" softcover. $4

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